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Oklahoma's Most Unique "Working Winery"
     Clauren Ridge Vineyard and Winery is located just outside Oklahoma City in Edmond, Oklahoma and will offer a variety of wine crafted from our vineyards.  These include Syrah, Cab Franc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sweet Red, Viognier, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc, as well as blended wines with distinction such as "Symphony".  Come for a visit and try them in our "Rustic-Italian"  tasting room over-looking the large crushing and fermentation area where wine is created.  You might see the actual process during harvest season!! We also feature an adjoining vineyard just outside the winery that is perfect for weddings or just a stroll through the vines.  The elevated veranda is ideal - rain or shine...
      Clauren Ridge boasts Oklahoma's exclusive and spectacular wine cave, typically seen in the grapegrowing regions of California and Europe.  Definitely unlike anything else in the state!!  This enchanting cave has two large rooms and is primarily used for aging wine in oak barrels, gourmet wine tasting dinners, wedding receptions,  "state of the art" winery business meetings, and corporate events.  These caves naturally provide for the temperature and humidity controls necessary for aging wine correctly.  The "Barrel Room" is lined with oak barrels that allow for this aging and maturation, which gives the wine a rich, full-bodied taste and texture.  For more information and pictures of this intriguing cave, please see our section titled "Awesome Wine Cave".  Our gourmet wine tasting dinners are held in the sensational "Dining Cave", and offer an unusual experience that you won't find anywhere else in Oklahoma.  For those of you that are also "Titanic" enthusiasts, we offer a dinner experience not matched or duplicated anywhere in the country...  Please refer to "Wine Cave Tasting Dinners" for more information, pictures, and a video of the fun during a recent dinner!!  You will also find dates for upcoming dinners, and how to reserve seats for these "one of a kind" events!!

                                                      (All pictures taken at Clauren Ridge)



         After a vineyard ceremony, step into a magnificent wine cave
    Temperature-controlled, and COOL...even on the hottest day!!

     Our Vineyard Weddings are the ultimate in style, service, and affordability!!  We offer a wedding package that allows you and your guests to relax and concentrate on your wedding and reception.  Even in the event of rain, we have the situation covered for you. After your ceremony in the vineyard, step into a beautiful and elegant wine cave!!  Temperature-controlled and COOL, even on the hottest day!! Nothing engages the senses like our romantic and magnificent "Dining Cave"... complete with rustic, Italian chandeliers and wall-mounted flame lights !! These adjustable lights provide for a bright, well-lit room... or turn them down a notch for an intimate glow and just the right amount of "ambiance". Long and elegant banquet ("conversation") tables are 30 feet in length and add face time for the bride and groom and better interraction with your guests. The service that we offer and the unique design of our winery will provide for an unforgettable day for the bride and groom, family, and guests.  Picture-perfect and beautiful photography spots are abundant in the vineyard and inside or outside of the winery.  For pictures and information, please see the "Weddings" page of our website.

Come see us for a tasting!!  We are very excited about all that our winery has to offer and would love to show you around!!
        The new "Rustic- Italian" tasting room will host our nine varieties of wine for you to select your preferences. A bite of chocolate is offered with our red wine  tasting to show how great chocolate is with wine...       

 We will also have periodic Wine and Food Pairings in the "Private Tasting Room" of the winery.  What better way to sample ALL of the nine wines, than to have them paired with culinary treats? Murals line the walls of this special room....you just might think you are in Italy!! This great event ends with Candied Bacon pairings in the cave!!   For pictures, more information, dates of these pairings, or to sign up for the next one, please visit our "Winery" page.


The "Private Tasting Room", as well as the "Dining Cave", is available for business meetings with the option of a catered lunch, cupcakes, or both!  Enjoy them with a tasting of our Clauren Ridge wines, tea, or fresh coffee.  Both are equipped with "state of the art" technology to allow your meetings the presentation you desire.  Business has never been SO enjoyable!!  Please refer to the  "Business Meetings" section for more information, pictures, or to schedule your next meeting with us.
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Clauren Ridge Vineyard and Winery
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Friday: 10 am until 5 pm         (patio closes at 4:30)      
Saturday: 10 am until 5 pm       (patio closes at 4:30)   
Sunday:  12pm until 5 p.m.       (patio closes at 4:30)

Monday:  Closed   (Open for Business Meetings and Special Events only)
Tuesday:  Closed   (Open for Business Meetings and Special Events only)
Wednesday:  Closed   (Open for Business Meetings and Special Events only)
Thursday:   Closed   (open for Business Meetings and Special Events only)

  For winery and event questions and scheduling,
         Email KIM INGMIRE  (Owner)

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Edmond, OK 73025
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