Wine List


Chardonnay (dry)
Soft and heavily oaked with a strong vanilla finish.


Pinot Gris (semi-dry)
Crisp and slightly sweet with a strong “nut” finish.


Mango Symphony (sweet)

Sweet and mellow with hints of melon.


Symphony (sweet)
Very sweet, mellow with fruit flavor and a rose aroma.


Peach Watermelon Symphony(sweet)
Sweet, very fruity with robust watermelon and peach notes. Tastes like candy! 


Merlot (dry)
Dry with notes of oak and leather.


Syrah (dry)
Fruit-forward with notes of berry fades quickly with a smoky finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon (dry)
Dark berry flavors, full-bodied with hints of smoke and hickory.

Meritage (dry)
A dry blend of four reds, complex with a spicy pepper finish.

Sweet Red (sweet)
Sweet, unique version of Cabernet Sauvignon. Starts sweet, finishes dry with a blackberry finish.

Chocolate Cabernet (sweet)
Sweet, smooth, and fruity with a dark chocolate finish.