Vineyard and Winery
                                     of Clauren Ridge

          ... and now for something COMPLETELY different...
     Clauren Ridge boasts Oklahoma's exclusive and spectacular wine cave!! This large and incredible cave hosts the "Barrel Room" and the "Dining Cave", and is the ultimate in unique!!  Flame lights line the walls and light your way, while chandeliers add elegance and ambiance to weddings and our Wine Cave Tasting Dinners. 
     These caves are reinforced with 18 inches of solid concrete with extra layers to provide for the temperature, humidity, and moisture controls necessary for aging wine correctly.  The "Barrel Room" is lined with oak barrels that allow for this aging and maturation, which gives the wine a rich, full-bodied taste and texture.  The use of oak barrels plays an important role in the winemaking process, and can have major effects on the outcome. They help protect the wine from oxidation and reduction, resulting in a more mellow and smooth flavor. The oak from the barrels that is introduced to the young wine imparts significant qualities through low level exposure to oxygen and the process of evaporation. Small amounts of oxygen are allowed to pass through the barrel, and soften the tannins of the wine. The length of time that the wine spends in these barrels is dependent on the varitetal of the grapes and style of the winemaker, but the majority of the oak flavoring takes place in the first few months. Flavor notes of caramel, cream, smoke, spice, and vanilla often describe wine exposed to oak barrels.



     The "Dining Cave" is the most exquisite part of the cave! This large cave room is host to wedding receptions, business meetings, and our wonderful Wine Cave Tasting Dinners. This magnificent room offers an unrivalled dining experience that is unlike anything else in the state!! Our Wine Cave Tasting Dinners are prepared especially for our guests by talented, local chefs and each of the 5 courses is tastefully paired with a Clauren Ridge wine. Our "Titanic" theme dinners are not duplicated anywhere else in the whole country!! Piped in Italian music sets the mood for these one of a kind "Dressy-Casual" dinners (music known to have been played onTitanic for those dinners...). Come see us for a night of great cuisine, wine, and a very memorable time!  Moderately priced- enjoy them as couples, or with friends!!  For more information, pictures, menus, and dates please see the "Wine Cave Tasting Dinners" section.

                       JUST BEYOND THE BIG OAK DOORS...