Vineyard and Winery
Experience Oklahoma's Most Unique Wedding Venue!!
           Quick and easy access to the country...without the drive!!
     Clauren Ridge is proud to offer vineyard weddings and indoor receptions that are as beautiful as they are unique.  Rustic, yet elegant, our weddings are the ultimate in style, service, and affordability!!  We offer a Full-Service wedding package that allows you and your guests to concentrate on your wedding and making it all that you dream it will be... All Set-up, Breakdown, and Clean-up are included as well as a Venue Coordinator, Security Officer, Servers, and a FREE Social Hour before or after your ceremony. We have suggestions, but you are allowed to use the licensed caterer of your choice...Conviently located in Edmond ( two miles East of Highway 74, or eight miles West of I-35 ) it's a quick and easy drive to the country!  And... it's all paved with asphalt!!
    White Ceremony chairs will be set up on both sides of the paved center walkway in the vineyard to the pergola at the end, which is wrapped with white chiffon and "twinkle lights". Wine barrels are set on each side and a beautiful, rustic chandelier is lit and hung over where the Bride and Groom stand. And no need to worry...   We are able and happy to set the chairs and a wedding arch inside to provide accommodations in the event of rain, high winds or inclement weather. After all, it's Oklahoma!!  We want everyone safe and dry, and a beautiful, alternate ceremony indoors to save the day!! 

   Make a grand entrance by walking down our showcase stairway and right into the vineyard. The paved center walkway assures you a smooth and solid path to the wedding pergola at the end.  After your ceremony, step into a cool, elegant, and romantic wine cave!! Clauren Ridge boasts Oklahoma's exclusive and spectacular wine cave as seen in California and the grape-growing regions of Europe. Temperature controlled - COOL and comfortable even on the hottest day!!  Nothing engages the senses like an elegant and romantic wine cave...complete with rustic, Italian chandeliers, and wall-mounted flame lights !!  These adjustable lights allow for a bright, well-lit room...or turn them down a notch for an intimate glow and just the right amount of "ambiance".  Beautiful, long banquet  ( "conversation")  tables are 30 feet in length and are arranged to add more "face time" and greater interaction with your guests. Small tea candles are placed down the length of the tables to add a special touch. The cool temperature of the wine cave will keep you looking fresh and beautiful, and everyone feeling revived...

   We have included the ammenities and service to make things run as smoothly as possible. Our package eliminates the high cost of rental, and provides china, silverware, glass stemware, coffee cups, and Chiavari chairs with sashes and cushions... helping to take some of the cost, stress and footwork out of the planning process.  Ivory "House" linens and napkins, as well as "House" silver or gold plate chargers, are also included if you desire to use them.  A dedicated staff eliminates extra catering services and charges, and lets you concentrate on the memories and what should be one of the best days of your lives!!  We also provide a customized "Social Hour" with our uniformed staff serving wine tastings of our 9 wines on silver trays before or after your ceremony AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.  If there is a specific service that you would like, please let us know and we work to arrange it for you. We offer many ways to help you stay on budget (or under...!) ...ask us about music and floral options that we can do to help you that are BEAUTIFUL and  FREE OF CHARGE.
  A Venure Coordinator is provided to overlook the set-up and staff, and to coordinate with your vendors on directions and arrival times. (We can recommend a Wedding Day Coordinator to help plan and organize the ceremony, but their services are seperate. You are free to use the services of a planner, or to plan your own.) We are happy to provide a list of preferred vendors for catering and other services, or you may also use your pre-approved choice.                                                                                                                                                                                                            
             (All pictures were taken at Clauren Ridge Vineyard and Winery)                  Click on image to enlarge









                                                        Tables and Buffet shown with "House Items" included in the package

                                                                                   in the unique wine cave**** 
After your beautiful vineyard ceremony, slip into an elegant wine cave!!
         Temperature-controlled and COOL ... 
                even on the HOTTEST day!!                      
For more information, pricing, or to schedule a                  tour, please email  KIM INGMIRE (Owner)

 * * * APPOINTMENT IS REQUIRED * * *         for Wedding & Reception tours
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                                              ALL OF THE FOLLOWING:                                                           (NO HIDDEN FEES- TAX, BARTENDER & SERVERS, AND SECURITY INCLUDED)                                                                                  
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Contact Kim Ingmire (Owner) for more information or to schedule a tour. 
Appointment required for tours.

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Total Price including tax for up to 125 Guests   
Fridays and Saturdays $3900    Sundays $3300   Mon-Thurs  $2900

Total Price including tax for up to 150 Guests   
Fridays and Saturdays $4500    Sundays $3900   Mon-Thurs $3300

(It is not necessary to use our "House" items, however, the package price is the same)
Decorating anytime after 11 am
Early Bride and Groom pictures anytime after 3:00 pm

* Facility Rental from 5:00 p.m. to 11 p.m.  UNIFORMED SECURITY GUARD INCLUDED                                * Venue Coordinator to overlook set up and staff, and call vendors for directions and arrival times.
Excellent "Preferred Vendor List" to help minimize footwork and stress.  Not necessary to use
* White "Ceremony" chairs placed at the Pergola in the vineyard (or inside if inclement weather) 
Mahogany Chiavari chairs with brown cushions for the Reception and tied with Ivory Sashes
* Wedding Pergola (or Wedding Arch if inside due to weather) wrapped with white organza and                      "twinkle lights". We also hang and light a Rustic, Crystal Chandelier at the Pergola over 
   where the Bride and Groom stand. Two wine barrels are on each side for flowers or plants.
* Seating inside for Reception- beautiful wine cave. (Ceremony inside also if rain or high winds).
Complimentary "Social Hour" for 30 or 45 minutes in the Tasting Room with tasters of      
  our wines served on silver trays before or after Ceremony  FREE OF CHARGE. Caterer can
  set out appetizers for Social Hour or you can bring cheese & crackers (and fruit) and we can set them out.
* Area with gift table and guest book table (special decorative ivory linens).
Slide Shows available in 2 areas if flashdrives are provided to us 1 week before the wedding.
* Decorative Barrel Tops for the Guest Book and Gift tables
* Long 30 ft. Reception tables (and Chiavari chairs).
* Wedding "String Lights" draped over the dance floor for perfect lighting for first dances and party music.
Tea candles placed at intervals along the length of the tables.
* Special "connection" table for the bride and groom.
* Rectangular buffet tables and "special centerpiece" cake (or cupcake) table.
Fancy Ivory linens on all tables including buffet, gift and guest book tables, and cake table.  
Fancy Ivory "Specialty" linens on guest book and gift tables,  Ivory "Rosette" linen for cake table.
* Decorative Burlap or Ivory Silk table runners.  
* Gold or Silver plate chargers to add that special touch!
"Swirl Rim" China, European heavyweight flatware, glass stemware for wine and water. 
* Ivory linen napkins rolled with the heavyweight European flatware.
Cake cutters, knife and toasting glasses for the cake table.
Silver cake stands- Round and Square for Wedding Cake and Groom's Cake.
* Silver Roll-Top Chafers set with warmers on the buffet if needed for hot food.
  We do not handle catered food- caterer needs to deliver, set out all food (with their plates and serving          utensils), stock and remove...   
Staff for Social Hour AND Reception to clear dishes, refill water, iced tea, wine, beer, & cut/ serve cake.
Complimentary iced tea, ice water, (and coffee with cake or cupcakes).
After the Bride and Groom cut the cake and feed each other, our servers will gladly cut the rest    
  of the cake and serve it to the guests  (Coffee will be offered at that time).
* Area for dancing and DJ
Sound system for your music if providing CD (Dinner, First Dances and Party music only-     
  not for the Ceremony).
* Bride's dressing room with connected bathroom.
* "Bubbles" for your departure after the reception.
* You are allowed to use Clauren Ridge free of charge for photography Monday through Thursday          
  (areas not being occupied for business).  All photography fees are your responsibility. 
  Session kept at 1 hour and scheduled with Clauren Ridge. 
We can tie your wrapped silverware with a bow in your ribbon  FREE OF CHARGE.   
* Burlap wrapped jars if you would like to use them for your flowers on all dining, buffet and cake tables.       We can wrap a bow around them to coordinate with the silverware  FREE OF CHARGE.
Silk "House" flowers if you would like to use them, arranged in our burlap jars and placed on all Dining tables, Buffet tables, Cake Table and Gift & Guest Book tables ...FREE OF CHARGE. 
* You may also use our wood & bottle centerpieces for the dining tables  FREE OF CHARGE. 

Clauren Ridge Vineyard and Winery

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