Vineyard and Winery
We are still working on our wine list, however, we plan on having wines that are representative of ALL of the varieties that are grown in our vineyards... 

We offer a very good variety....  Whether your preference is red or white, sweet or dry, we are sure to have a wine for everyone!!.


Meritage  Smooth blend of four red wines, meduim bodied with strong fruit flavors
Syrah Large, black grapes rich in tannins create a smooth but spicy, bittersweet berry taste...Lighter bodied Red
Merlot  Full-bodied with less tannins, less acidity, with hints of blackberry and chocolate
Cabernet Sauvignon  A noble, dark red with high tannins, aroma and flavor of black currants and cedarwood 
Sweet Red   Very unique...starts sweet...finishes slightly dry 
Cherry Chocolate Merlot  Dense and sweet with chocolate and dark cherry


Chardonnay  Soft and buttery with oak flavors and a hint of vanilla
Symphony  Sweet and harmonious blend of white wine grapes for perfect balance            
Sauvignon Blanc Taste Sensation! Medium-bodied, crisp and dry, citrus tone with peach and apricot - not oaked...fresh and vibrant  
Pinot Gris   Hints of melon and citrus, slightly sweet and oaked         
Peach Watermelon Symphony  Delicious! Sweet and fruity, wildly unusual
Muscato   Sweet, soft and mellow with a very smooth and buttery finish

     Clauren Ridge planted the first vines in 2001, with an aspiration for being a part of bringing the grape-growing and winemaking process to Oklahoma.  Since then, we have planted many more vines and varieties such as grafted vines from California and New York, and Native Oklahoma vines. Our mature, vast vineyard is home to many varieties of grapes that have provided us with the "hands on" experience needed to learn this interesting, yet sometimes complicated, form of art.  The grapes that it produces are the testimony to the wines that we make.  Grapes are the tool with which the winemaker uses to create a unique, personal expression of this art in one of it's highest forms....

                                         and the wine is only as good as the caliber of your grapes...